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Is airfare always included in the cost of the I.N.D.Y. adventure?

The cost of airfare will be included in most of the I.N.D.Y. adventures but there may be times when it’s not. If the tour is one in which many participants may want to deviate on the routing or extend their stay, or if we don’t have enough participants to qualify for a group fare, it may not be possible to include the airfare in the cost of the tour. However, on all tours every effort will be made to arrange for as many participants as possible to fly together at least on the outbound part of the trip on individual tickets.

Do I have to take the group flight if one is included in the tour?

You do not have to take the included group flight but you will not receive a refund for the unused flight or any other unused services if you do not. If a participant chooses to take a separate flight, she would have to meet the group either at the airport or at the first hotel independently at her own cost. She would also have to sign a waiver stating that she understands the Terms for someone not taking the included group flight.

Do I have to participate in all activities in the tour?

No, if you are uncomfortable participating in any of the events, you don’t have to do so. However, no refunds will be given for unused activities or services. One of the things that separates the I.N.D.Y. Travel Society for Women from other organizations that offer travel adventures is the fact that no woman should have to feel that she is holding the other participants back, or that she is pushing herself too hard. On the other hand, no woman should feel that she is being held back because of others who may not be able to move as fast or as well. This is why our trips have two escorts plus a local guide – so that we can split into smaller groups if need be and still have an escort or leader with us. If a participant needs or wants to remain behind at the hotel, however, an escort will not be able to stay behind unless there is an emergency or need for personal attention.

How will I receive information about this trip?

What kind of preparation can I expect before departure?

On our website you will see a “TRIPS” option on the menu at the top of each page. Under “TRIPS” you will find a “TRAVEL BLOG” option. Blog updates will be posted often with news and suggestions for each trip. The blog will be updated while we are abroad as well.

The I.N.D.Y. Travel Society for Women Facebook page will include posts that will help prepare participants prior to departure.

Messages to the participants will be sent regularly through an E-mail distribution list. The group leader will be available daily via E-mail or cell phone as well.

Before you depart you will receive a comprehensive itinerary in pdf and as well as via E-mail link. You may forward your comprehensive itinerary to anyone you wish.

What forms of payment are accepted and how do I pay?

The easiest and suggested form of payment is credit card via the PayPal option on our website. You will be led to the PayPal option as you fill out your reservation form which is accessed via the “Reserve” option on the main menu. Payment via PayPal will incur an additional fee of 3.5% but it is money well spent because payment via credit card generally offers a level of protection in the event a travel provider defaults. You may also pay via check (no additional fee) but your place will not be confirmed until the check clears.


Where can I purchase the mandatory travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be purchased through any licensed travel insurance provider but you must purchase at least the minimum coverage stated in the Conditions form on the website. Lizzy McCartney, travel consultant and founder, will be happy to offer assistance in identifying reputable travel insurance companies and can also help identify the types of coverage each offers. She can help you purchase a policy if you would like; just contact her via E-mail at: or by phone at (607)745-3463. You will have to show proof of coverage prior to departure and again during the Welcome Meeting on Day 1 of the tour.

Will I be able to request special assistance, special meals or seat assignments on the flights?

On the reservation form you will note that we ask you to identify any special requests and conditions. We will do our best for you and we will advise the airline of your special needs of course. However, we may not be able to fulfill all of your requests. For example, we may not be permitted to get pre-assigned seats if we are on a group fare, and some airlines don’t pre-assign certain seats on the aircraft. Special meals may not be offered either. It’s important that you disclose any special needs in order that we be able to work with all travel providers, not only the airlines, to make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

Do I have to share a room or may I stay in a private room?

Most of our trips will offer a single supplement option meaning that you pay an additional fee to stay in a private room. This is because the trip budget is based on two people sharing the cost of each hotel night. However, it’s important to know that there may be some lodging locations that cannot accommodate singles.

Can I count on staying in the accommodation listed in the daily itinerary?

Most of the time the lodging advertised in the daily itinerary is the lodging in which you will stay. However, there are times when different lodging will be substituted. For example, this could happen if the hotel has to undergo unexpected repairs or access to the hotel becomes obstructed and/or unsafe. There could be other reasons as well.

Are I.N.D.Y. tours, “senior” tours?

No. Women of all ages are encouraged to participate in our tours. In fact, the best tours are those that include a wide range of ages. Our tours may be attractive to retired women because they have more free time, because we offer such small groups and because we offer maximum flexibility in terms of the physical ability of participants. However, our tours are definitely active enough for the younger crowd while at the same time offering participants time to explore independently.