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In case you’re wondering what the letters I.N.D.Y. represent in the name of our organization, they stand for I’m Not Dead Yet! The I.N.D.Y. Travel Society for Women is an informal organization. We are women who travel together on customized small group adventures. Membership is free and comes simply by taking a trip or just contacting us to say you’d like to belong. We offer a new trip every four months or so. Some trips will be international; some will be domestic. We try to keep the cost down on all trips without sacrificing safety or comfort. We do this because our goal is to make travel accessible to as many women as possible. We encourage women of all ages to apply. We use only reputable tour operators and travel suppliers; your safety is our first concern.

I.N.D.Y Travel Society for Women members offer feedback on trips they have taken, share travel suggestions and take an active role in selecting future trips. Though the destinations may change from trip to trip, there are two constants with all I.N.D.Y trips: camaraderie & laughter – lots and lots of laughter.

What sets I.N.D.Y. trips apart is the small number of people in our groups combined with the support offered. Our trips generally have a maximum of 10 participants (unless otherwise specified) and in most cases have 2 escorts. In addition, we have a local guide or tour leader at the destination (unless otherwise specified). By offering this level of service we are better able to accommodate varying levels of physical ability within our small group. Some participants may be able to leap buildings at a single bound while the rest of us may have to walk or climb more slowly. Some may love vigorous adventure activities while the rest of us may not be able to participate, at least to the same degree. Having two to three support personnel with the group allows members more freedom to enjoy the tour at their own pace because we are able to break into sub-groups, each with one of the escorts or the tour leader accompanying .

Our small groups are informal and we get to know one another quickly. Our itineraries are full but we do allow enough free time to be able to explore on your own, rest or just enjoy the solitude we all crave from time to time.

Come join us on the next I.N.D.Y Travel Society for Women adventure. Celebrate the wonder of travel and at the same time forge friendships with other women who, like you, are passionate about living life to its fullest, no matter what age or life may throw at them.